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January 02, 2005


Christmas Day (2006) there was a Shirley Temple marathon, which I devoured. The station ran her films in chronolgical order, so it gave me a chance to watch her grow up in one day.

I think I enjoyed the recurring character actors, such as Arthur Treacher and Jane Darwell, almost as much as I enjoyed Shirley. I decided to look up both characters on IMDB, and I was surprised and pleased to learn that Jane Darwell was also the bird woman on Mary Poppins.

I fell in love with Shirley Temple as a kid. Every Sunday there was a show that ran "old" movies like Shirley Temple, Blondie and Dagwood, Ma and Pa Kettle, Topper, etc., and it was then that I began my lifelong love affair with film.

So go ahead and go on and on about Shirley Temple. You won't get glazed over eyes from this reader!

wow wow wow m so bored omg hahahahahhha omg jk jk jk ghahahahhahahahahhahahha hehehehhehehehe!! LOL

X.O.X.O Courtney

hey everyone sherley temple is an awsome ya on thursday this month april the 26th 2007 we have a jouniorpalluza so i plan to dress like her so hi and hope u like my comment bye

Shirley Temple is awesome !
I'm doing a book report on her and it has been so fun reading about her!

Sherly Temple was the best! In her movies she was funny,pretty and cheerful. I have 2 of her movies,Rebbeca of Sunnybrooke farm and The Little Princess. They were great!

Shirley Temple as a young woman has a remarkable resembelance to a young Marilyn Monore

i love shirley temple omg! beautiful lil girl and till the day she passed! my gram loves her so much!!!!!!!

Wow! I have never seen any of Shirley Temple's later films, but I adore her younger movies. The Little Princess was my and my sister's favorite, and I have Heidi on tape from when it aired on AMC one day.
It amazes me that even in her grownup years, she retained that little girl cuteness, as the photos tell.
My jaw dropped when I read the wordplay between Temple and Black. Do you know that David Bowie used that wordplay in one of the songs he sang for the movie Labyrinth? I had no idea that it was from an old film until just now! Very cool. :D

hay shirly temple is so hot.

very interesting. she is grrrreat!

I really liked your article about Temple. Not because I´m a big Temple´s fan, but because I loved Cary Grant in "The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer" (and in all his other movies too, but that´s another story ;).
Anyway, I do think that Shirley Temple just couldn´t act. I understand that the role demanded her to be a bit silly, but did she really have to say goodbye to "Dikie" at the end of their first date, while getting upstairs, in that stupid manner?
Come on! she was 17, not 7!
Anyway, I think that movie is the best! I laugh out laud in a couple of scenes and think that kind of stuff just won´t appear again on screen. Those stars are gone forever.
So, get a comfortable couch and watch it!
Cheers from Buenos Aires!

hang in there Mrs. Black

A primeira vez em que assisti ao filme de Shirley fiquei impressionada com a graciosidade de seu personagem e de sua performance no filme, hoje, já adulta tenho diversos filmes e admiro cada vez mais o trabalho dessa pequena grande mestre dos cinemas, parabéns Shirley, não me canso de assistir aos seus lindos filmes.

i am 47 years old. i have a little girl that is 4 years old! her name is journey she looks and acts just like miss temple! miss temlpe was an amazing child star. i watched every moive ten times over. here it is 2008 and my little girl want to be just like her. i need to post a photo of my daughter! everyone would be in shock to see how they look just alike! my daughter dose pageants and every song she sings is by shirley temple. babe take a bow. for x-mas this year. she sang what i what for christmas! for the childrens hospital and evryone thought she was the real thing! how luck we are to stand in time and enjoy the love we have for the girl that brought a smile to all. mt daughter has won many pageants. if wasn't for miss temple, we would not of had so much fun! the little star that hold a place in ower hearts for ever! for my five children she will live in ower home as long as i am alive. my grand children will be watching her and their grand children. thanks to you we would of been lost! if i can? i will send a photo of my journey! so, all can see miss temple in my four years old all over again. it is amazing. how time does not stand still! lisa and journey

She turns 80 years old today, as I am writing this :) Loved your blog entry here!

Shirley Temple was a beautiful teen and a terrific actress. I think the wholesome type of teen girl characters she played are much more attractive than the oversensualized portryal of teen girls in films today. I'd pick Shirley Temple to take on a date over any of those more modern teens. I guess I just prefer a Mary Ann over a Ginger or a Betty over a Veronica if you know what I mean.

I disagree with your idea that the movie's plot is a "pedophile-evoking storyline". Quite the opposite. In the movie, it is clear that the Cary Grant character wants nothing whatsoever to do with the younger woman (who, by the way, is a 17-year-old teenager, not a young child) - to the point of almost over-stressing the fact. She has a schoolgirl crush on the man (it IS Cary Grant, after all), and he is doing his very best to get rid of her, through every means necessary.

i have 15 shirley temple movies. i'm 20yrs old and still enjoy each and every one of them. i'm not ashamed, lol.

Shirley Temple is the greatest actress that has ever walked this earth. No one can compete with her child star status. Imagine how difficult it was for a child star to absorb a script and maintain dialogue with adult stars, she puts others to shame with her remarkable talent. As she got older the little girl charm changed to adolescence and then adulthood making it difficult for her to play some parts, not because she couldn't, but because our expectations of her couldn't change, we wanted that little girl back in our lives. What she needed was to have someone write a script specifically for her, playing her as a lead address. The parts that she played were not on a level that she should have been playing. She is a remarkable woman and has a remarkable talent (in spite of her republican status, lol). I love her and will conitnue to share her with my grandchildren and they will share her with their grandchildren. What other Hollywood star can you say that about?
Liz from Pa.

She just grew so beautifully. And to [email protected] Temple is still alive.

Tis a shame for this new Millenium Generation of kids will most likely go through life never experiencing the joy of the old "Black & White wonders "that the whole family could sit together and watch.

I was fortunate to grow up watching Sunday afternoon movie matinee's of Shirley Temple, and like many I am not ashamed to admit it.

And as much as I did not bring my Daughter up as a "Clone" the obvious has to be compared, Hmmm... Polite, Well-mannered and Courteous"or "Cheeky, Self-centred, Foul-mouthed ingrate", wow hands-down winner on my

Lizzy, you are so right regarding our imagery of her. I could no sooner see my own Daughter or Grand-Daughter swooning up to an older man when they were the same age; That said, Adolescant crushes will always be there, love/Infatuation is a powerful emotion that does not require keeping in check though, it's the guy's with less than respectful morals who you have to be mindful of.

Directors and script writers were a little disingenuous so far as to be over-protective of that long established iconic childhhood image we grew to adore.

(N. Otter), I agree all the way, alas! the media's spin on society today bombards young girls to be flirtateous and over accentuate themselves to be considered normal by their peers.

What's really odd about this film is that Myrna Loy, an intelligent woman, actually was vain enough to consider herself "young" enough to look like she could pass as Temple's SISTER.

She was a great actress, but indeed, she looks tired in this film, and older than 42...almost old enough to play Shirley's grandma.

Guess you're not old enough to remember those days of innocents--to say nothing of the assumption at that time that: a.) Any relationship like this is none of your business, and b.) The sister (Loy) is a Judge AND the guardian so it's doubly none of your business.
All this plus the entire issue of what going to such a cynical place does to mess up your head, literally.
Sometimes the old ways are best.

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