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January 13, 2005


I hate to burst your bubble, dear, sweet Danny, but as someone who works on a college campus, I can tell you that a large portion of our youth today have begun to smoke at a much younger age than 20...

Dear Danny, first of all I think you SHOULD try and imagine what 'dear' Diana would have said... secondly why are we/you surprised at the unimaginable stupidity and lack of social graces that it would take ANYONE to think that dressing up as a Nazi is 'funny...' And did you see that the theme of the party was 'native' whatever the hell thats supposed to mean.... and why am I not surprised that you waited in line to shake Prince Charles hand... Do you not understand how the royals pity and despise the common man?? AND make no effort to disguise it. Anyway I do think that if you are going to mention the shaking of the hand, at least you should have given a description of how it went/felt/etc-

In the service of my imagined readership, I will add that Toni is a bonafide citizen of the UK. I think this gives her anti-royalist rant added texture! Is that why you're living here, Toni, so you don't have to support those darling royals? You're right—the theme of the party where Harry was in Nazi drag was utterly offensive, I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more press. It was a colonial/native party, with several young British aristocrats even wearing blackface. OY! At least Prince William had the sense to stay in the animal world—he went dressed as a leopard (maybe one of the thousands hunted down by his ancestors?). And as for smoking, what are all these twentysomethings trying to prove? That they can get cancer before 50? As far as I'm concerned, smoking should be on the same level as crack and heroin. Oh, and Prince Charles' handshake? It wasn't worth the wait...

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