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January 26, 2005


Danny I just watched annie hall this week. It's a classic! How about Diane Keaton ordering pastrami with mayo? And Joey Nickels. And mashed yeast?

Even Paul Simon is funny! Woodie Allen needs to make movies for Jewish New Yorkers again. Exclusively.

also, Tail of the Pup is in this movie. Tail of the Pup!

And how about this great exchange:

Annie: You're what Grammy Hall would call a 'real Jew.'
Alvy: (startled) Thank you.
Annie: Yeah, well, she hates Jews.

You're right—I wish Woody would return to the land of New York Jewish angst!

Brilliant. You're right on every point. Never heard of Lotus Weinstock but am about to google her.

It's not just Jews who've got this kind of brainy, neurotic, pessimistic humor. The Irish have it too. Humor from the margins.

The line I use most from Annie Hall? "Never mind. I can walk to the curb from here."

Maybe, just maybe, you're wondering how come you're so privileged as to receive this communiqué. Well, answer is simple, thanks to and through the search words "blog" and "'Lenny Bruce'", I found the u.r.l to your website.

After perusing your website, I conjectured you'd be interested in my post titled, "sweetest nookie". In this post, you'll find some notions about how Lenny, were he around today, might comment about the recent kerfuffle in the Middle East.

Anyway, you'll find the hyperlink to the post just below


Looking to e-mail Kendall Hailey, Author. Does she have a web-site?

Buddy Hackett said it.
"Every time a someone orders a pastrami on rye with mayo, a Jew dies."

Lol. Yeah, Annie Hall's an awesome movie.

Danny, glad to see people remember our Jewish Study group where you could leave for a year, come back, and they were still in Genesis. One of Lotus's best lines: "I just want to be rich and famous so I could say it didn't bring me happiness."

I stumbled upon your blog because of researching your wife's book. I unschool my kids. Anyway, I love the title of your blog. Annie Hall is one of my favorite movies of all time. I am originally from Southampton, NY (where some of it was filmed).

However, I am a shiksa ala Diane Keaton. I think my favorite part of the movies is when the screen splits during the dinner scene and you see the nice, calm, non-conflict WASPy dinner, and then the darkened, noisy, loud wispering of diseases Jewish dinner. It kills me every time. It's not lost on me that I married a man who is considered a Jew (because his mom is Jewish) though he is a practicing Catholic.

Whenever I ask my kid's 'Did you eat I always lapse into Jew Eat? and start laughing hysterically. Someday they will get it.

I miss that Woody Allen.

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