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January 09, 2005


Can you clarify whether these titles correspond to essays already written? I know I have read one or two of them....
Any publishers reading this blog should give you an immediate contract!

Seven of the ten essays listed here are written. Of course some of them may need to be REwritten! Two of them are linked at left--the title of the one called "There Are Starving Children in Europe" was changed (by Salon) to "Uh-oh Spaghettios."

Danny, this is definitely one of my favorite entries. This piece has given me a lot to think about in terms of my own writing ability and being an author. I like it that you share your self-reflection so openly. Thank you.

Dear Danny,

Day by day more shame befalls me as I read with covert enjoyment your latest additions, and recall the thoughtless snipe about "craft" I volleyed at you in ignorance. More than anything, your writing here and everywhere is delightfully readable, and, noting the vast range of topics already explored, you are infinitely more in touch with the world than I am! For that I am also grateful to click on your latest musings.

I am still struggling with the word "blog," which is so inelegant, but maybe I can equate it with a kind of primordial netscape whence wondrous things might evolve.


A Friend

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