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January 29, 2005


Danny, I think about blogging families and realize that two out of my five siblings are bloggers. All families are different though. For example my sibling who has a blog ignores mine completely! Your family is full of celebrity and such fantastic creativity! I can't believe Leah is creating her own. And, yes indeed, Kendall, I would adore to read her postings. Come on Kendall, I'm waiting for you with bated breath! Well, Danny, I will have to count you as my "blogger family" and I have a feeling that that's okay!

By the way - I adore the photograph on this posting!


Thanks for the envious, and enviable post. I absolutely love the photo at the top. My God, that's worth copyrighting! What a contribution to a time capsule that would be.

I really like your blog. Look forward to reading more of it.

And here's hoping you can "shoot up" your other family members!

Wow, one of the famous Gottliebs on my site! Thanks, David. I'm hoping that if I talk about my family members enough on here they will create their own blogs out of revenge. If that doesn't work I will try to shame them into it—shame has always been a great motivator in my family.

Danny, does it count if three in my family have web sites and not blogs? Thanks for noting the Soloway trio on your blog.

Love the pix of my dear friend Susie. What's Spencer's URL, I'll have to check it out.

Have I ever told you that your nephews were the earliest talkers I have ever met. I remember having enjoyable conversations on my front porch with Sammy, who was probably not even 2 at the time.


Oy-I got excited about a Gottlieb posting here and I have only known of them for 7 hours.

I want to comment on my unbloggingness but all I can say for right now I look fucked up enough in your bar mitzvah photo??

Elaine, Spencer's URL is embedded into this post when I mention his blog. Just click on the word "site." I hope Sammy regaled you with the "Jew Eat Yet?" dialogue I taught him at age two, then I'll know my work as an uncle is complete! And yes, I count the Soloways as one of the cyberfamilies I most admire—but you all need daily blogs too!

Sue, as memory serves, you were drunk off your ass when that photo was taken, right? Oy, but you were only 15, what a shanda! Remember that my Bar Mitzvah occured in the middle of mom and dad's divorce so it was a fairly hideous night. All I remember is the giant slab of Halvah in the shape of Mt. Sinai and the fact that I let the rabbi write my Bar Mitzvah speech. Can you imagine? Did I have no voice of my own back then? No wonder I've been trying to make up for it ever since with my consant babbling...

Wow -- a DYNASTY??! I just think of us as the GottBlogs.

:) amba

I don't know if you remember me, Danny, but I'm Marilyn Reynolds brother, and we've met a few times over the years. She just sent me your blog address, and I've spent the last hour thoroughly enjoying this wonderfully eclectic collection of thoughts and reflections. I didn't know there was anyone else in the world who would list "Since You Went Away", "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" and "I'll Be Seeing You" as among their top movie favorites! If you ever come across that time machine, let me put in a request right now to be taken along on the journey! Dale

I just wanted to mention that there happens to be a Korolnek who dabbles in blogging. I'm Mark's daughter and I've put together a site to keep up with friends and family in Toronto while I spend the year studying in Israel. However, the blog itself is just slightly less sophisticated than Spencer's blog, so I'm not usually eager to publicize the link. Anyways, I just came across your site through the magic of Google - Great writing and I love the old family photos!

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