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January 08, 2005


I'm crying. I'm laughing.
I'm becoming dependent on your blog.
Now I'm crying again.

Ron Reagan is not a "Jr"...that is a common error...his legal name does not have that designation...somewhere, somehow a whippy, skippy journalist started it all.

Wonderful blog, and I would have to agree in most cases, especially the Bushie daughters. Too prissy and noe up in the air. Why aren't they serving in Iraq, George??

Kathleen - their "noe up in the air"? Why aren't the presidents daughters serving in Iraq? They didn't enlist dopey! ALL VOLUNTEER FORCE - DUH!

What is wrong with a prissy girl anyway? I guess you have hairy legs and dirty fingernails.

Ron Reagan is NOT a "junior"

Wow! I can tell you don't like Pubbies! Dhimmies are great, huh?

Chelsea Clinton's derogatory remarks about the Marines who protected them during her parents' reign had to be bad, right?

The Nixon girls were a class act throughout a terrible time for their family. The Bush girls were irresponsible enough during the first part of their entry on the scene, but you don't like them because they are good, though, right? Give me a break.

Did you really love the Johnson girls?

And now. how about the most beautiful children, yet? Malia & Sasha.
P.S. Have you noticed that the overwhelming majority of presidential children are female? Interesting.

Little too Dem for me. I guess Gitmo will be shut down, can "WE", the USA house them in your lberal neighborhood? Thanks for your service. You must have a legal school background? Thanks also for extracting untold amounts of money from the economy that will not be invested for better pursuits. Amy Carter owned a cat and is a looser. Caroline Kennedy, minus the Kennedy name cannot be "appointed" junior senator of New York. Chelsea Clinton .....she's still jogging around Manhattan Island post 9/11.

Totally democratic article. The Nixon girls were great, and Amy Carter was a jerk, like her daddy. Chelsea was an ugly child with frizzy hair.

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