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January 22, 2005


Well this is the very spot in your blog that my Google search "Sally Field, Keith Carradine, Jackie Cooper" led me to when I was trying to find the companion piece to another classically cheesy late '60s/early '70s anti-drug movie called "The People Next Door" which I was forced to watch in a 6th grade health class. It was unutterably depressing. My husband found the movie on display in one of his favorite haunts and wanted to know if he should buy it. I told him that the Sally Field movie was much better but couldn't remember the name. Next step - the trusty Google! And when I read your description of Eleanor Parker as the "misunderstood Baroness" I knew you were the Blogger for me. I'm hooked! I'm figuring ya must be a Scorpio - can hardly wait till the Oct./Nov. posts to see if I'm right, cause I'm betting you'll get pretty nutty about your birthday and have to write reams about angst and/or memories, those that are lovely or others best forgotten. Of course, if you're not a Scorpio, I'll still like you anyway!

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