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January 19, 2005


who is the author of the song

I clicked on this post because of the title, which I immediately associated with the Bad Seed's theme song. I recently acquired a dvd with a special feature commentary by Patricia McCormack, and in answer to your question, she mentions the death of Nancy Kelly a few years ago.

Ms. McCormack still looks great, and it's interesting to hear her speak of her work on stage doing two Broadway shows at the same time. She was an amazing kid!

I, too, clicked on this link hoping it would mention The Bad Seed which was released the year of my birth. I recall my mother bringing the tv into my bedroom one day in the mid 1960s, when I was sick at home and not at school, so I could watch this film. I soon learned to play this piece on the piano myself and learned the French lyrics! I am told that Patty McCormick's performance as Rhoda is a favorite of John Waters!

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