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December 29, 2004



I am a 6th grade teacher from Detroit Michigan, an avid follower of all things Heinemann, a jew in recovery, and a Wilco fan. I think it’s neat that I've stumbled onto your site via my Wilco habit and here I see you leave a place for educators to share their ideas. In terms of content literacy I have many thoughts to share with you and will be writing you back sometime in the near future in regards to a thing we are doing in Michigan called Mi CLASS. In short, Mi CLASS helps content area teachers in the middle school and gives them "modern" tools to be better reading/writing teachers within their content areas. Also any chance of a backstage pass to meet Jeff sometime down the road when they make within three hundred miles of Detroit. Had to ask... It’s almost obligatory. By the way pardon the fragments and run-ons, it’s late and almost time for bed.

Aaron M. Blatt
Redford Union Schools

I just saw your reference to "All Children Left Behind" policies in DC.

You'll be interested in knowing, maybe, that I ran in the primary for the Ohio House of Representatives last year. My major issue was the crying need to fix the horrific "system" of school funding in our state.

In one of our debates, I elicited the only gasp any of us created last year when I was asked what our state should do vis-a-vis NCLB unfunded mandates. I said, "Refuse to take the money."

Although there was a gasp, my most ardent support came from teachers and educational administrators. Unfortunately, I wasn't a very good candidate and we were incredibly outspent; so, I came in fourth in a field of five candidates.

Since then, of course, Utah has refused to accept NCLB monies and Connecticut has taken the feds to court. Other states are reportedly considering joining that lawsuit.

My wife is a school librarian, my undergraduate degree is in Social Studies Education, I chaired a levy renewal campaign for our school district a few years back, and we have many teachers in our small church. I know how hard education is these days and how much teachers need encouragement. It seems that your company is in the business to do that. Good for you!


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