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December 30, 2004


Have you seen La Weaver in "The tv set" yet? She is sensational! What timing, what a comedy presence! And the picture--well, anyone in or out of show biz with a sense of humor will appreciate it, because assholery is universal!

Hi. I came accross your blogs on accident and may i just say i love the way you write.

I too am also a Weaver fan, and am SO very excited for her new movie, Snow Cake, coming out soon. It also has Alan Rickman in it. Just thought id let you know.

I hope you went to see Sigourney Weaver in Snowcake. Otherwise, rent it. It's a revelation.
Also a major fan of Louis Lasser. Last year she directed a college production on the east coast, something about a person who thinks that his life is really a play...and at the end....

Sigourney has that very rare thing called "stardust" I had the extreme pleasure of meeting her during the shooting of the movie Galaxy Quest. I couldn't speak because of her presence, which made me feel like there really was superhumans among us on Earth. She's a real star in all aspects of the word, intelligence, charisma, timing, shiny, exacting, perceptive and selfless during a performance. Not many of her calibre around!

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