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December 29, 2004



Like Kendall, I am completely addicted to your new blog! I MUST read it before bed and first thing when I get to the office in the morning. With every word it's like you are READING MY MIND. Except all that Andy Hardy nonsense. Anyway wish you guys were coming to NYC for NYE. I still can't believe how great your wedding was. Remember that song we used to sing when we were kids about weddings...?


Oy, Ellen, I WISH we were headed to New York right now! Have a great time at Madison Square Garden (tell Sue to call me from there). I'm sure I'll see you online since you always seem to appear all over the Internet after every Wilco event! Happy New Year!

Hmm... I guess I am reading it too - every day! I "googled" your blog and there it is! You're on your way. A big hello and huge hug to Kendall! (don't worry - I won't comment every day)

I wish you would comment every day, Tamar--better yet, start a blog so I can read YOUR ravings! My blog is on Google? Wow, how soon will it be before I'm sued by Mickey Rooney?

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