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September 28, 2008


It's hard to contemplate a world without Paul Newman in it. What a wonderful actor and from all reports, what a wonderful human being.

Incidentally, I actually saw 'A New Kind of Love' when it first ran. I was about eight years old and at the time I thought it just about the most sophisticated piece of cinema I'd ever seen (Of course most of the other movies I'd been seeing starred Jerry Lewis).

i was so sad to hear that he had died. I've always loved his work, both onscreen and off. I'm glad he lived as long as he did, to contribute so many years of service and talent.

As a child I had a friend that lived next door to Paul Newman. Well not really next door as there was about 5 acres of woods between houses, but my friend and I used to play in those woods. On two occasions I can remember, we got lost and ended up in his back yard. One time, as we were crossing his lawn to get back to the road, he spotted us, came out and waved hello. No "get off my lawn," or "what are you doing here," just a friendly wave.

In my teens I worked as a busboy in a restaurant he used to frequent. No matter how many people came up to say "hello" he always gave a smile and a sincere "thanks" for any compliments. When I filled his water glass, he said "thanks," when I cleared his plate he thanked me again. He always left a nice tip and made sure to tell the waiter or waitress that he enjoyed the meal.

These are little things, but it would have been easy for him not to have shown those small courtesies. A wonderful actor and just plain ol' good person. He'll be missed.

Besides, your blog is bright, charming and funny; you write exceptionally well; and i love the style.
And, obviously, I think your paul newman article was amazing. for many reasons. Thank you.
We live in the same city. I hope that I meet you and your wife, someday, and I don't think I ever had that response, before, after reading someone's blog. Best wishes, and ShanaT.....
Dana Kaminski

PS Please check out my blog when you get a chance. And, let me know what you think...Thanks.

...Okay, my first part of the comment that I just left you got removed in the posting, so here is what is missing:

I used a large excerpt from your post today on Paul Newman, and it was a very wonderful piece. I have never seen your blog before today, and I am truly thrilled to have discovered it.
I put you on my blogroll of outbound links, submitted your post favorably to boost on yahoo, and more. I find that all of your categories correspond to many of my main interests, in general! (cont.)

He had me at Cool Hand Luke.

His life was richly blessed, and he treated those blessings with nobility, care, and a sense of responsibility, without ever losing sight of himself or his family. The word unique may be overused, but I believe it describes him well.

Lovedly Tribute, Danny. Mine is up, too.....

Paul Newman and Marlon Brando DID look alike back in the day. The young Brando who was in "Truckline Cafe", and "I Remember Mama" and "Candida", (ALL of which I saw on Broadway) and even in "Streetcar Named Desire"...Paul Newman looked a lot like him in the early days of TV and in the days of "Picnic", too.

I just remembered my other encounter with PN..(I wrote about one encounter on my blog) was in a Drugstore in Westwood in the early 70's...He was picking up a Perscription and I was buying some OTC stuff....Those Eyes! I tell you....!

Is it him in Sweet Bird of Youth? I love that movie. Is Alexandra del Lago based on anyone, besides Tennessee Williams himself? Or is she an amalgam of various aging divas?

Paul Newman will be very missed. Fantastic actor and fantastic human being.

I am in awe of Newman. This is in this week's "Washington Blade"...

Paul Newman donated to Kameny’s 1971 campaign

Friday, October 03, 2008

Frank Kameny didn’t know until this week that actor Paul Newman, who died Sept. 26, supported his bid to become Washington’s first non-voting delegate to Congress in 1971.

The $500 donation came too late to spend on the campaign, but Kameny’s campaign staff used the money to travel to New York City, where they met with the Gay Activists Alliance.

Upon their return to Washington, they founded the Gay Activists Alliance, which operates today as the Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance.

“I was well aware that they spent residual funds … for the trip, but I was totally unaware of Newman or any other specific person as the source,” Kameny told the Blade in an e-mail this week.

When asked why he thought Newman donated to his campaign, Kameny said, “I suppose it was simply something forward thinking.”

“I was only the second person in the entire country to run as an openly gay candidate, so I got a good deal of publicity. I suppose Paul Newman saw what was going on as a foresighted liberal person.”

Rick Rosendall, GLAA’s vice president for political affairs, said that Paul Kuntzler, Kameny’s campaign manager, told him in 2005 about the contribution made by Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward.

Rosendall said Kuntzler neglected to send a thank you note, so Rosendall sent a belated letter to Newman, thanking him for his donation, which ultimately helped start the oldest continuously active gay rights organization in the country.

Danny, did I ever tell you that while my parents were divorcing(which took years), I regularly dreamt that Paul Newman(whom my handsome father resembled) and Joanne Woodward were my parents and I lived in Connecticut with them?
Paul Newman outlived my Dad by 5 years but he still reminds me of my father and I still think of those dreams. Sue

I enjoy reading about the entertainment industry and this kind of blogs I entertain a lot, thanks for the space, I bring a couple of links.
Steve D. Collins
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Does anyone remember the tune Paul Newman hummed/sang in Mr. and Mrs. Bridge? It's not part of the film's soundtrack. I remember learning it when I was in the 7th grade in 1957. It's patriotic/militaristic in nature. It's been bugging me that I can't remember the title.

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